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"The Federative Republic of Brazil is the only Portuguese speaker country in its continent and the biggest in the world. It is geographically situated in South America, been the biggest country in the continent, bordering every country except Ecuador and Chile. For been this large, the country counts with a very large natural resources and a population near to 200 million people and, together with Mexico, it is the biggest political-economic power in Latin America, which goes from Mexico to Argentina.

Brazil is an important country in the international relations; not only is its diplomacy well recognized in the international arena, as its business trade is very important for the international market. Even though Brazil is considered an underdeveloped country, it is well known its proactivity in the international politics and market. It is, among China, India and Russia, one of the most growing economies, been part of the so called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), 6º economy in GPDEF and 7º in the PFJOB. The country also has a powerful importance in economic-business blocks, such as Mercosul, and still out of its regional arena, Brazil is an important partner and cooperator."¹

¹Bruna Milagres Korhonen, 2012.



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