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Johdantokurssi / Fundamentals course

XYHX003 Fundamentals in intercultural and multilingual communication, 5 ECTS


The course introduces students to fundamental issues and concepts in intercultural and multilingual communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course offers a theoretical and practical framework for enhancing students’ knowledge of and competence in intercultural and multilingual issues. The aim of the course is to encourage students to gain basic knowledge about intercultural communication and languages, to enhance students’ intercultural communication skills and language skills in some additional languages, and to build students’ confidence for participation in intercultural contexts.

In addition to lectures, methods of learning include selected readings, discussions, groupwork, and individual assignments. 

On completion of the course, the students are expected to:

- understand and be able discuss fundamental principles and topics in intercultural communication from an interdisciplinary perspective

- be aware of different phenomena related to human behavior that affect intercultural communication (stereotypes, ethnocentrism, social identity, etc.)

- know that there are differences in the verbal / non-verbal ways in which e.g. feelings, values, norms and expectations related to others are expressed in different languages

- appreciate cultural and linguistic diversity

- be able to analyze and negotiate communication between people from different cultural backgrounds in both national and international settings


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More information:

Lotta Kokkonen, Language Centre. lotta.o.kokkonen@jyu.fi

Leena Subra, Language Centre. leena.subra@jyu.fi




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