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For exchange students

This is how to choose the best English course:

  • Step 1: Assess your skills in English
  • Step 2: Choose the most appropriate course
  • Step 3: Come here and start the experience!


Step 1: Assess your skills in English

There are many ways in which you can assess your skills on the Internet. Choose some of these options to determine your level on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages scale:


Step 2: Based on the results, choose the appropriate course(s).

If you are at level A2-B1 (lower intermediate - intermediate), we recommend that you take:

  • XEN0054 Academic Study Skills (--> Korppi --> Searching and registering for studies) 
  • XEN0095 Academic English Communication 1

If you are at level B1-B2 (intermediate - upper intermediate), we recommend that you take:

  • XEN0096 Academic English Communication 2
  • XEN0097 Basic Academic Writing in English or XENX034 Intermediate Academic Writing


If your knowledge of English is at least at level B2 (upper intermediate - advanced), you can also choose courses from the selection of our Elective Courses.


Step 3: Start the experience

Check the course descriptions (see course codes above) and register for the courses in Korppi, the study data system of the University of Jyväskylä. Good luck with your studies!





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