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Exemption from Communication Skills courses

In exceptional circumstances, students may take an exemption exam instead of attending the Communication Skills course in their faculty. The exam entails giving an oral presentation in English on an agreed subject connected with the student's field of study, making use of instructional aids (PowerPoint), and lasting 20 minutes, to a panel of two lecturers. The intended audience is an educated native speaker who is not an expert in the student's field. This presentation is followed by a question and discussion session. Only minimal notes may be used and the student must demonstrate good presentational skills and a sound grasp of the technical terminology of his/her discipline.

There is no automatic right to take this exam. Students should initially contact the English language lecturer responsible for their faculty (see information below) and provide evidence that either their English proficiency is of such a high standard that they would not benefit from attending the Communication Skills course or that it has been and continues to be completely impossible for them to attend the course. Students must either speak to the lecturer in person or by telephone interview.

If permission to take the exam is given, the student should then contact the coordinating lecturer Lisa Lahtela at least two weeks before the examination date in order to be allocated an exam time.

The examination dates are Friday September 29th 2017 and January 19th 2018.

Communication Skills screening

  • XENI003 – Lisa Lahtela
  • XENL003 – Adrienn Károly (Sept & Jan), Miia Konttinen (late spring)
  • XENM003 – Anna Kyppö
  • XENT003 – Kirsi Westerholm

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