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Compulsory courses for Finnish students

According to the statutes concerning university degrees in Finland, all higher education students must have adequate or good skills in one or two foreign language(s) to be able to update their professional expertise in their fields of study and operate successfully in an international work environment.

  • on this page you can find information about compulsory English courses (listed in the navigation bar on the left)Timing of compulsory courses
  • it is recommended that you take your first compulsory English course during your first or second year.
  • before registering for a compulsory course, please click on Proficiency level descriptions and check that you reach level B2. If not, you could consider taking a preparatory course, XENX029 Activate your English, before the compulsory course(s)
  • please register for the courses in Korppi. Remember that there might be separate groups for different majors under the same course code - so please make sure that you sign up for the right group
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