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Course compensation

Compensation for compulsory English courses is given on the basis of previous equivalent language studies at the university and, in some cases also at the polytechnic, as well as for work practice or studies abroad if they have been conducted in English. In the latter case you might also be entitled to some extra language credits. To get the compensation credits, you need to fill in a specific application form of the Language Centre (korvaavuushakemus) and attach to it a copy of your transcript and a description of the course content in question. Send or take your documents to the Language Centre.

For further information, please contact Ulla Lautiainen (ulla.lautiainen@jyu.fi)

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, being the only one in Finland, has more specific requirements regarding course compensation. If your previous equivalent English studies are in another discipline, you will need to do some extra terminology work (e.g. sports events and equipment etc.) to complement your studies. This is done as a home assignment. If your previous English studies are from the polytechnic level, e.g. some sports institute, you will need to demonstrate your academic communication skills in your main subject by taking a course exemption examination (kurssia korvaava näyttökoe). Please contact the lecturer responsible for the oral exemption exam at your faculty for further instructions.



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