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Instructions for examiners of maturity test content

The maturity test is an essay-type exam written in an examination room. Its purpose is for students to demonstrate their proficiency in Finnish or Swedish and the mastery of their field. Students who have completed their primary and secondary education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish can, upon agreement, complete the maturity test in another language. The maturity test can also be taken as an e-exam.

Assigning the maturity essay

In the maturity test, students write an essay. That is why the assignment should be one that actually prompts students to focus on writing an essay. The given topics (titles) should be formulated accordingly. The assignment should NOT be of the following type: "Answer one of the following questions..." This kind of an assignment would make students produce exam answers, and the maturity essay might lack a beginning with background information and a suitable ending, which are required in an essay.

The topics should neither resemble exam questions nor require extensive use of formulas and figures. A long and complex title makes writing more difficult.

The titles must be given in the same language as the maturity test is to be written. If you do not provide an exact title, please remind the student in the assignment that he/she must give the essay a title.

An example of an assignment

Write an essay on one of the following topics:
1) Discuss the significance of XXX as one future option.
2) Discuss the reasoning of NN concerning XXX.
3) Analyse the main results and conclusions of your study, utilising the theoretical framework of your study. Choose your own title.

Submitting the maturity test for language evaluation

The maturity test and form are sent for language evaluation via the University internal mail to the following address: Maturity test language evaluation / Oppio.

The two weeks reserved for language evaluation begin from the date on which the test and the form arrive at the Language Centre.

Urgent maturity tests

In urgent cases, please mark the word 'Urgent' in red on the test envelope or on a post-it note. This ensures that the language examiners will acknowledge the urgency of the maturity test.

Criteria for language evaluation

The language of the maturity test is assessed based on the following criteria:

  • text type and style
  • structure
  • clauses and sentences
  • linguistic form.


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