What is EOTO anyway?

The basic idea

Each One Teach One is a pair/group programme coordinated by the University of Jyväskylä Language Centre. The students teach each other their mother tongues or the languages of their education, and study the language of their partner. The students should be native-like in the language they teach, but otherwise the students aren't expected to have had any training as a teacher or language teacher. EOTO teachers instruct students and meet them at least twice during the programme.


You meet with your partner regularly, usually once or twice a week. Each language should be studied for at least 20 hours face to face (20+20 hours). In addition to the meetings, you complete homework exercises and write about each meeting on a personal blog.

Don’t ask your partner to look for exercises or produce learning material! Each student is responsible for their own material and learning.

You receive 3 ECTS credits for the programme. The EOTO credits count towards the elective studies of the language that the student has been studying. You can participate in EOTO as many times as you want, but only two times per one language. Also, you cannot use EOTO to replace other Language Centre courses. You can start the programme at any time during the semester, but it should be completed within the same academic year. It’s good to notice that if you meet for example twice a week for 3 - 4 hours in total it will take you approximately three months to complete the programme.

The phases of the programme

EOTO has three phases: planning, active study and wrap-up. Together they form the EOTO path. The purpose of the EOTO path is to encourage and support your studies and give new ideas for language learning.

1. Planning phase

  • Find a study partner if you don’t have one yet. You can, for instance, leave your own advertisement or read other students’ ads. 
  • Get to know each other, and learn about the programme together.
  • Start a new blog and fill in your Study plan. You register in the EOTO programme by submitting the Study plan form.
  • After receiving the forms from you and your study partner, your EOTO teacher will contact you. You arrange an appointment for the first meeting, to plan together your EOTO path. Your teacher also instructs you about the blog writing and other issues related with carrying on EOTO.     
  • After the first meeting, you can start the programme and writing your blogs.
  • Also, register for the EOTO programme of the language in question in Korppi.

After you have completed the planning phase and met your EOTO teacher, move on to the active study phase.

2. Active study phase

  • Study regularly in systematic face-to-face sessions for at least 20 hours per language. The planning phase is counted as part of this.
  • Do the homework.
  • Update your blog regularly. Write about every meeting, homework assignment and the overall learning process.
  • Check the FAQ for detailed instructions on completing the programme.
  • Go to Ideas for learning for tips.
  • Halfway through your studying, post the “10 hour checkpoint” form.

After you have completed 20 hours of face-to-face meetings in both languages (20+20), move on to the wrap-up phase.

3. Wrap-up phase

  • Evaluate your learning during the programme based on your blog entries and post a Final report on your blog.
  • Arrange a final meeting with your EOTO teacher to discuss the learning outcome. NB! Make sure that you post your final report at least two working days before you final meeting, so that the teacher will  have time to read your report beforehand.

You have now completed EOTO! Hopefully you have improved your language skills as well as enhanced your language learning skills.