Language Centre

Policies and approaches

Finnish university language centres operate independently to the faculties and are responsible for the professional and discipline-specific language instruction of all non-language degree students: language studies in the domestic languages (Finnish and Swedish) + 1-2 foreign languages are compulsory components of all higher education degrees in Finland.

The teaching and activities at the University of Jyväskylä Language Centre are based on continuous collegial action research and jointly agreed strategies and values. It is our belief that that academic expertise would not exist without knowing how to communicate and share that expertise with others. Consequently, our vision is that the academic graduates and postgraduates of our university be confident multilingual communicators, as well as being informed about how they can continue their language learning beyond there time at university. Our aim is to offer our learners a language learning environment that is characterised by:

  • a favourable atmosphere that challenges the learners to develop their knowledge and skills
  • negotiated, meaningful, and relevant curriculum contents
  • authentic, real-life learning tasks and forms of assessment
  • multimedia and versatile teaching approaches
  • opportunities to develop cultural understanding and tolerance
  • support and tools to focus, direct, and monitor your own learning
  • opportunities to grow as a member of your own academic and professional discourse community, and to understand the relevance of communication skills as part of expertise


Street address:
Seminaarinmäki Campus,
Oppio building

Office hours: Mon-Fri 8-16


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University Language Centre
P.O.Box 35
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