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All university students in Finland take language and communication studies as an obligatory part of their degree programmes. These studies are organized by language centres and they focus on developing general and specific skills, both for study and professional purposes. At some point of their unversity career, students of all the faculties at the University of Jyväskylä are also our students. We would like them to graduate with the language skills needed to communicate their expertise to others in a confident and competent way, and to cope with various international and intercultural contexts.

In addition to various courses, we also arrange the tandem learning "Each One Teach One" programme, in which students, counselled by a teacher, are able to learn each other's languages. Some of our courses require a high level of proficiency, whereas others start from the very beginning.

Educational technology, computer and language laboratories, as well as a wide variety of learning materials, are available for students. Furthermore, the Language Centre also provides study counselling and training in language learning. Teachers can be contacted by email or during their office hours, which are posted by their doors and listed on our homepages.

More information in the annual report of 2013.



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