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Systematic action research has been a departmental policy since 1993, and the Centre has twice been awarded the annually given Best Teaching Quality Award for its efforts, in 1996 and again in 2003. In 2003, the director of the Language Centre also received the Best Director of the Year Award. Involvement of all staff in continuous action research has been made possible through administrative arrangements (reduction in teaching hours, jointly agreed weekly meeting times). A student council is also involved in the development. The broad focuses have included the development of learner autonomy and the integration of new language learning environments into activities, as well as promotion of mobility and internationalization through tailored support programmes aimed at all students groups and at staff involved in international programmes. Present challenges focus on facilitating the implementation of the Bologna process, introduced in 2005, and on developing instructional designs for students' language learning career and paths within the new degree structure. Kielikompassi is an ongoing development project.

Our Action research at a glance

Action research: first cycle 1994-1997

Action research: second cycle 1997-1999

Action research: third cycle 2000-2004

Action research: fourth cycle 2004-2007

Action research: fifth cycle 2007-2009



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