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How to order & FAQs

To order a review or translation, use our contact form or email us directly at

Here are instructions on how to use the form and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Using the Language Services contact form

1. Fill out all the fields. Fields marked with a red square are required, but the more information you provide, the better we can respond to your request.

2. Attach your document: Click Browse > Select your file. The file path appears in the attachment field.

3. Click Submit/Lähetä. A new page appears that summarizes your order. Note that the summary does not include your file, but don't worry! We do receive it as an email attachment.

4. We will respond to your request as soon as possible with a delivery estimate and the price for the work.

Important information

  • Submit your file in .doc or .rtf formats.
  • Include your invoicing address with your order.
  • For language reviews of articles, indicate the journal you are submitting the article to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a translator's page?

1 translator's page = 1,560 characters without spaces

To find out how many characters without spaces are in your document, in Microsoft Word go to the lower left-hand corner and click the Words button. A dialog box appears. Copy the amount of "Characters (no spaces)" and include it in your email. If your article includes a reference list and you do not want us to review it, subtract those characters from the total for the whole article.

My text is X number of pages long. How long will it take to proofread/translate?

We agree on delivery case by case. However, we recommend that you submit your text well before your deadline. If you are still in the process of writing, we recommend that you contact us to reserve a time.

Do you use Track Changes for proofreading?

Yes. All changes made by our reviewers appear as Track Changes. For other issues and questions, the reviewers use Comment boxes.






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