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Independent learning

Here, you can find a selection of links to various kinds of e-learning courses, some courses are offered at the Language Centre and some on the Internet.

For more information about our independent study resources:

E-learning opportunities


You might wish to develop your language skills for study or social purposes, but there might also be specific requirements that you need to observe.

The Language Centre offers possibilities to study independently:

  • The buddy learning programme EOTO
  • E-learning options, which are usually blended in form (i.e. include both independent, ICT-enhanced learning and tutoring)
  • Learning material for independent study in over 35 languages

Language Centre e-learning courses and materials


These four self-access modules can be completed independently using the virtual learning platform Optima. They are intended for any student wishing to practice a specific academic English skill. Students can choose to take one or several of the modules.

TILA is a self study module which we have created to make your studies as effective and rewarding as possible. In TILA you can for instance test your English language skills and compare your result with the European framework, you can reflect on your language learning in general and read about the skills required in successful studying, as well as plan your language studies to suit your needs.



Looking for a course to brush up your Swedish? The Nätfräsch course is just what you need. As the name suggests, the module helps you retrieve long lost skills in Swedish. Stig ombord!


You can study German on the following web based courses:







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